A juice is pure squeezed fruit, nothing added. There hasn’t sugar added, nor artifical ingredients, it is as the one you can make at home but easy to consume , tasty and very healthy to our health, orange juice is an indispensable food for the big ones and for the little ones, as it is fully demonstrated by lots of scientifical studies. A healthy way to drink full of benefits as we present you now:

It helps combating obesity

Doubts about if orange juice makes you gain weight or not are in any nutritional conversation. We make this point clear: Orange juice does not make you gain weight. In fact it produces the against result, lots of peoble who drink even 3 times per day orange juice can achieve fats reduction in a programm of weight loss. For this reason health and nutritional professionals must know this studies in order to recommend it and even include it in their dietetic suggestions.

It keeps your heart healthy

Heart health is benefited through orange juice as it gives you an augmentation on the good colesterol (HDC) and improves our cardiac and circulatory health /strong>.  Orange juice helps to compensate the effects of fast food. If you ever have this type of food, better try it with orange juice 100% tan with suggar-added drinks.

Important contribution of micronutrients

Vitamin C contribution and orange juice potasium regulate pressure and augmentate the defenses against infectious processes. It has been proven that orange juice keeps you more safe from colds and flues, reinforcing the organism avoiding infections.

It keeps diabetes away

Orange juice helps controlling sugar levels in blood as orange juice contains the solubles fibres of the fruit which reduce the absorption of sugar in the organism. All of this with just a glass a day. Its support in suggars equals a sugar-free cereal bar and is less than a banana.

Juices: 100% fruits

Let’s be clear, juice must be 100% fruits.  Those are the real juices that contribute to health and nutrition. We aim yo to read well the nutritional data before buying.

Some juice considerations to have in mind:

  • The law stablish that a juice is 100% fruit, so that it doesn’t have sugars nor preservaties or another kind of ingredient.
  • Juice is a natural drink , with the vitamins and minerals that the organism needs. The sugar that it contains comes from the own fruit.
  • A 150ml orange juice gives you the 50% of vitamin C dose recommended. Furthermore it’s a folates and potasium source.
  • Orange juice encourages glucemic balance, a fundamental fact for diabetics and people with backgrounds dued to this illness.
  • Lots of scientific researchs claim that orange juice does not produce obesity.
  • A interesting fact: Packed juice that are 100% fruit give you more bioactive principles that the ones that you squeeze at the moment. Carotenoids and hesperinid (two fundamental ingredients) can be found in an increased amount at packed juices.
  • . An orange juice glass per day enables the daily fruit consumption recommended by the OMS. In Spain only 12% of the population eat fruits and the 51% fill that need with juices.

At Fruit Tech Natural we know all this, which is why we are always working to offer you the best natural juice, putting a healthy, complete and indispensable food on your table to complete a healthy diet.