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For the whole food & beverages industry

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Trailblazing the future of food & drinks

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From the tree to the glass

Tailor-made fruit solutions

For the whole food & beverages industry

Research & Innovation

Trailblazing the future of food & drinks

Who we are

Fruit Tech Natural (FTN) is a worldwide leader in the fruit & vegetables squeezing & processing, creating fruit solutions and natural ingredients, for the whole food and beverage industry through unique know-how.

We know and understand fruits & vegetables: their origin, seasonality, varieties, growing techniques… and we carefully select at their best moment to squeeze them with unique technology at our own squeezing plants, capturing nutrition, freshness and with the highest sustainability standards.

Fruit Tech Natural is one of the biggest fruit processing companies in Europe, with State-of-the-Art sites situated in Spain for Mediterranean-climate fruits (FTN 1.0 and FTN 2.0), and has invested and transferred its own technology to other strategically-located plants for other fruit climates, all of which employ exclusive latest-generation food technologies, creating FTN excellent taste & freshness, highest nutrition and value added natural ingredients.

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Natural fruit blends

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Mediterranean Processing Centers

Fruit Tech Natural 1.0

Fruit Tech Natural 2.0

Fruit Tech Natural 2.0

Unique Fruit & Veg Processing Lines

FTN Mission

We do research and understand Fruit & Plant Based Nature. We squeeze & extract with our unique technologies, developing high quality, healthy and sustainable fruit ingredients and key natural solutions to proudly serve food & drink companies to match worldwide consumer needs.

FTN Vission

To maintain our leadership by creating fruit & natural plant based innovative solutions. Develop healthier consumer’s products, supporting worldwide customers evolving needs,and stablishing long term partnerships for a better & more sustainable planet.

FTN Values

A professional, highly qualified and motivated team that shares our values and our mission.

Understanding the needs of our clients and consumers.

Continually striving to improve sustainability and efficiency at all levels of our organization.

Ongoing innovation throughout the entire value chain.

Processing citrus and a large fruit & veg assortment, around the world.

Working long-term with suppliers and estabilished partners who are unbeatable as regards quality, experience, technology and social values.

Employing our own leading-edge technologies that enable us to pursue our mission and develop high-quality products that consumers love.

Research & Innovation

At FTN we are consumer centric, we understand worldwide consumers and their needs plus analyzing market trends and their evolution, in order to give our clients the successful product they are looking for. We are solution makers for all the food and beverage industry, our know-how and unique processes transform fruits and vegetables into real innovation and added value for our worldwide customers & consumers.


Sustainability and circular economy have always been part of the FTN research program. Fruit Tech Natural is independently accredited with a number of international certifications in quality, authenticity, and food safety. In order to guarantee the highest level of quality and sustainability throughout the value chain, Fruit tech natural works with only the best global partners, carefully hand-picked after a lengthy and rigorous process of industrial testing, sensory analysis, and technical and ethical audits.

Market Applications & FTN Added Value Products

Fruit Juices & Fruit
& Veg Beverages

Fruit & Vegs blends
for Functional Drinks

Bioactive natural fruit ingredients

Key Fruit products
for Natural Confectionary
& Bakery

Key Fruit Product
for value added
Pet food/ Animal feed

Fruit Developments for unique
Dairy application products

Fruit Developments for unique
Dairy application products

Fruit Developments
for Jams, Sauces &
Food Service Solutions

Ready meals as Gazpacho
& Salmorejo

Key patented ingredients for
unique Cosmetic, Nutricosmetic
& Natural Pharma

FTN Final Product Formats


18.000 – 24.000 l

Road Tanker

25.000 kg

Aseptic/ Frozen Drums

180 – 260 kg

Jumbo Bins

1.000 kg


1.200 kg


1.500 kg

Bag in Box

3, 5, 10, 20 l

+ Food Service Formats

Bag in Box

3L – 5L – 10L – 20L

Gable top

1L – 1,75L – 2L


1L – 330ml

Some News

Instalación Fotovoltaica de Autoconsumo

Instalación Fotovoltaica de Autoconsumo


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Innovative packaging for innovative drinks

Innovative packaging for innovative drinks

Fruit Tech Natural is part of the pioneering EU-funded LIFE CITRUSPACK research project to create packaging from orange peels from its own squeezing process and hopes to have the first 100% compostable biobottle made from orange peel, corn starch and potato starch on...

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Orange Juice 100%: Health that you can drink

Orange Juice 100%: Health that you can drink

A juice is pure squeezed fruit, nothing added. There hasn’t sugar added, nor artifical ingredients, it is as the one you can make at home but easy to consume , tasty and very healthy to our health, orange juice is an indispensable food for the big ones and for the...

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