Fruit Tech Natural is part of the pioneering EU-funded LIFE CITRUSPACK research project to create packaging from orange peels from its own squeezing process and hopes to have the first 100% compostable biobottle made from orange peel, corn starch and potato starch on the market by 2021.

Also will be made from this orange fiber material cosmetic packaging, straws, kitchenware, packaging for transporting fruit… The material, is a new polymer that will have a great impact on reducing the environmental footprint.

The importance of eco-design in the products developed by Fruit Tech Natural

The products of Fruit Tech Natural and AMC Natural Drinks are eco-designed through the most advanced technologies. This has allowed us to reach great milestones and obtain food packaging with important sustainability attributes, which consumers value as alternatives to disposable packaging, an obsolete linear consumption model.

Since its origins, Fruit Tech Natural has been based on the principles of circular economy. Currently the bottles of the products developed in of Fruit Tech Natural and AMC Natural Drinks are 100% recyclable and incorporate up to 52% post-consumer recycled plastic. The use of recycled raw materials promotes recycling and the reintroduction into the market of these secondary material flows, closing the circle of sustainability.

Also is important the technological innovation they have carried out to achieve a reduction in the weight of packaging without compromising the quality and safety of the food.

The rest of the components of the food packaging are also part of the eco-design programme of Fruit Tech Natural and AMC Natural Drinks. The label, for example, is made of a material that is totally compatible with the PET of the bottle at the recycling level, as they have different densities and therefore ensure that they are easily separable in the recycling plants. In short, the idea is that our natural, innovative juices and beverages should be developed with a package that has the same spirit of caring for the planet through innovation.

As an example of eco-design in the market, we highlight the Via Nature range of juices, in a 100% recyclable package and with 52% of material already recycled. In the last year, the black cap has been replaced by a green one, the size and quantity of ink on the label has been reduced and the weight of the package has been reduced by 2 grams, thus becoming one of the lightest bottles in the European market and reducing the impact on the environment.

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